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I found this link at Uskowi-"jan"'s site (where else?!):
The stealth drone is especially useful to the U.S. because it provides what is called "persistent surveillance" of Iran's nuclear sites.
The U.S. and its allies suspect Iran is building a nuclear weapons complex under cover of a civilian program, a charge that Tehran adamantly denies.
John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, an expert on defense and intelligence policy, said that continuous surveillance of such sites from aerial drones can help intelligence analysts track vehicles to other facilities.
The images also can tell military planners when most workers at a site are expected to be on the job, he said, in the event the president orders a military strike against Iran's nuclear program.
"They want to bomb the buildings housing people when the largest numbers of people are present," Pike said, noting that similar weapons-development efforts have depended much more on the technicians, scientists and other experts than on their physical structures. "The people can rebuild the buildings, the buildings cannot rebuild the people," he said.
Brought to you by the same BLOODTHIRSTY CRIMINALS who were promoting Napalm, Agent Orange and the Neutron Bomb (a radiation bomb that "kills and mutilates people but leaves infra-structure undamaged") three decades ago and are now having civilians killed almost on a daily basis in Iraq, AfPak, Syria and Yemen!



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