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 Growing view that strike, by Israel or US, will happen
• 'Sweet spot' for Israeli action identified as September-October
• White House remains determined to give sanctions time


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Well, why don't they cut through the BS sanctions and get on with the military option, then?? I mean, if they no sanctions won't work, why bother?? I take what they say as mere rhetoric - empty words..They don't have the GUTS to face Iran so they choose the coward path which is sanctions, sanctions, sanctions..But I'm glad because other countries are now seeing through their lies.The latest snub from India, Turkey, China and other major countries regarding their latest sanctions must be a warning sign to them.They can be guaranteed the support of their EU stooges but not the whole world.According to them, the world is still 1945 where they "won" WW2, although it was the Russians that actually defeated the Germans..They need to look tough at home so they always say "All options on the table!".

Dr. Ahmadinejad said it well when he announced the latest nuclear achievement..He said,regarding that "All options on the table", that "Let it remain on the table till they rot"..

I'll put an excerpt of the speech here as I cannot quote it very well :

“They have to change their ways. They have to especially change their attitude toward the nation of Iran. They constantly make frequent remarks against the nation of Iran. All options are on the table, they say. Fine, we say, let these options be on the table. Let it remain on the table for so long that it rots.”


“These are all pretexts and if this pretext is confronted they bring up another pretext. They say they want to negotiate, so why don’t you? Or are you the sort to say that you are for talks but come to the table with a club and say listen to whatever I tell you? Is this what you call negotiation?

You want to negotiate in this way with a nation like Iran? Or, do you want to destroy the nation of Iran? Well, come and destroy it then. (laughs) Please come forward. (laughs) Please don’t pull any punches. History is filled with bullies who wanted to destroy the nation of Iran but the nation of Iran has survived and the name of their potential destroyers is not even registered in the pages of history.”


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Thanks reza18, that was a brilliant speech by Ahmadinejad  :)