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Master Sergeant (گروهبان)
Great stuff. We are waiting for this tie to cultivate to higher levels. This will be beneficial for both nations and the regional in general, except the Zionist entity and the corrupted leaders of the region. They will try everything to stop this and further cooperation between independent states, so everyone must be ready for harsh reactions from the bullies.

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فقط ولایت فقیه
Master Sergeant (گروهبان)
TEHRAN — Iranian President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
has said that Iran and Egypt should make
every effort to be anti-Zionist countries.
Ahmadinejad made the remarks on
Wednesday during a meeting with a 45-member
Egyptian delegation that attended the
Fifth International Imam Khomeini and Foreign
Policy Conference, which was held at
the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Institute for
Political and International Studies (IPIS) in
Tehran on the same day.
“We should take measures so that Iran
and Egypt will be two progressive, esteemed,
powerful, anti-hegemonistic, and
anti-Zionist countries,” Ahmadinejad stated.
Iran and Egypt have many affinities, Ahmadinejad
said, adding, “Both nations believe
in God and are seeking justice, freedom,
and dignity, and are opposed to any
kind of humiliation.” Contd. on P. 2

“Iran and Egypt have another
common point and that is (having) a
common enemy,” he added.
The United States and its allies,
particularly the Zionist regime, are
not only the enemies of Tehran and
Cairo but are also the enemies of
all the countries in the region, Ahmadinejad
“However, the enemies do not
want a relationship to be established
between Iran and Egypt because
their linkage will create a power that
would compel all Zionists to leave the
region without any need for war,” he
The Iranian president also said,
“This regime is a cancerous tumor
that will metastasize if even a small
part of it remains on Palestinian soil.”
Elsewhere in his remarks, Ahmadinejad
said, “I do not believe
that the prosperity of the United
States and certain other European
countries is due to the efforts of
the people of these countries. Although
the people of these countries
are making endeavors, the
gap (between these states and less
developed countries) is due to their
exploitation of (the wealth of) other
The Egyptian delegation also invited
Ahmadinejad to pay a visit to
Egypt, and he replied, “As soon as I
receive an invitation from Egyptian
officials, I will make a trip to Egypt.”
The members of the Egyptian delegation
also met with Iranian Foreign
Minister Ali Akbar Salehi on Wednesday