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The IRGC ground forces operates a surprising number of the Boragh mortar carriers considering they've been seen with a frequency rivaled only by the APC variant. (for comparison, we've seen the Boragh-TOW once or twice, the Command Boragh once, the air-defense Boragh a handful of times, and we've never seen the Resupply Boragh). It's definitely not as sophisticated as the Wiesal in the video but but it's still a mortar carrier.

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I was studying Fotona website, I noticed they have developed two FCS system for MBT's, EFCS-3 for T-55 and T-62 and TFCS-3 for T-72 and M-84.

So I think most likely standard EFCS-3 (that Iran used it to upgrade T-55/54 to T-72z and later reverse engineered and produced with the name of KAT-72) can't be used on T-72, M-60, Chiftain and Zulfiqar, and It should be modified , So maybe one of the reason Iran hasn't used KAT-72 on T-72's or Zulfiqar till now is that  they have developed different modified EFCS-3 for different MBT's and there are different types of KAT-72 for different MBT's And development of KAT-72 for T-72 and Zulfiqar has been finished recently.

I read on modlex that they are installing KAT-72 on numbers of T-72's now, after successful operational tests of this system. they have planned to equip T-72's with this system.
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I found an interessting article how different countries upgrade different tanks with different turrets/turretsupgrade incl. T72

Me like this statement


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Sarir APC:

Type    Armoured personnel carrier
Place of origin     Iran
Service history
Used by    IRGC

Manufacturer    Defense Industries Organization (Iran)
Crew    2 (+8 passengers)
Armor    Welded steel
armament    14.5 mm KPVT heavy machine gun

Sarir is an Iranian 4x4 cross-country APC developed and produced by DIO's. This APC is developed specifically for IRGC. It was unveiled in early 2012 during IRGC's "Shohadaye Vahdat" (Martyrs of unity) wargames.

The APC's main armament is a 14.5 mm KPV heavy machine gun machine gun with a turret similar to Russian BTR series. Like Rakhsh, engine in situated in the front of the vehicle that provides more room for troops inside. It uses different kinds of domestic communication systems to be connected to the command stations and two large antennas are installed to the back. Troop compartment is in the middle of vehicle and is accessed only by 2 doors in the rear. Armor is said to be welded steel which protects from 12.7 mm machine guns. Troops can fire their weapons from 8 small firing ports in the sides.
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I think armor must be strengthened to protect from 14.5 mm machine gun.