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TEHRAN -- A professor at Allameh Tabatabai University has said that last year Iran ranked first in the world for countries affected by erosion.
Esmail Kahrom, professor of environmental science and ecology at Tehran University, said that Iran had jumped to first place in 2011 from second place in 2010.
He said that this demonstrated a lack of government planning and co-ordination in the field of erosion and soil conservation.
Kahrom believes that improper management of water resources in Iran has resulted in the drying up of ponds as well as lakes, a retreat of groundwater and increased desertification across the country.
The professor also blames deforestation and elimination of vegetation due to lack of water for the erosion of soil in Iran.

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This is a serious issue in a such rapidly developing country. After certain extent, the damages are borderline irreversible from human perspective.
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