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Female journalists employed at the Persian service of the official Voice of America (VOA) are expected to extend sexual favors to their superiors for career promotions.

According to the mother of Negar Mohammadi, whose daughter hosts the Woman of Today show in the VOA Persian news network, senior executives at the Persian service of VOA, particularly Jamshid Chalangi, force female journalists into having affairs with them in return for promotions at the workplace, Neda-ye Enghelab website reported.

Negar Mohammadi's mother added that she and her husband recently travelled to the US in order to convince their daughter to stop working for the Washington-based Persian news and publicity network and return back home.

The report comes as former VOA Persian news anchor Elham Sattaki also filed a suit in October 2010 against the broadcaster for sexual harassment.

Sattaki, 28, said she was sexually harassed by a co-host, identified as Mehdi Falahati, on the show Straight Talk.

When Sataki complained about sexual harassment, VOA Persian managers tried to further retaliate against her and force her out of the network.

The managers then offered fabricated stories to get rid of her, claiming that she was never harassed and that the reason for her dismissal was inefficient Persian language fluency.



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with the way they dress like whores in front of the camera I wouldn't be surprised.
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Sallam mayday jan , chetori mard ? kojaee ? Delam tang shod barat ! As you know all this western news network is corrupt laneye jasooseeyee Usrael and cia ! They corrupt you , like a gang of thieves get you to do small crime first and then you become aloodeh ! They get good on you , that,s how they operate . Here in uk , the zionist media recently show how corrupt they are , they are into child crimes even and they feed rubbish to working class people and keep them busy with porn and drugs  and gambling !  >:(


They have link to sky news ! remmember the reporter zionist troublemaker  who started pissing about in Iran and  was from sky news !
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There seems to be more to this story, brothers. Apparently, the women who were sexually harassed / bullied by their superiors at "VOA Persian", were in fact targetted for their personal opinions, which were deemed not anti-Iranian enough.

This occurred at the behest of none other than the US Congress (!), which had pressured the "VOA Persian" team to conduct an ideological purge within its ranks, so to increase its anti-Islamic Republic rhetoric even further. One of the victims of this terror campaign launched by the so-called "representatives of the American people", Mrs. Sataki, is now medically disabled as a resul of the ordeal she was subjected to. So much for the fallasciously vaunted "individual freedoms" in the west.



Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Voice of America - On Media: Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Voice of America
April 20, 2010

The law firm of Larry Klayman sent me the following notice:

    The Board of Governors, the Acting General Counsel and managers in the Persian News Network (PNN) of Voice of America (VOA) have been sued in a $150 million USD complaint for covering up rampant and widespread sexual harassment at the network. To make matters worse, the women who were harassed, and in particular, the principal anchor and star of PNN, Ms. Elham Sataki, were then retaliated against by the defendants when they complained of the sexual harassment.

    As set forth in the complaint, the reason for the workplace retaliation stems from an unhealthy sculture of corruption at PNN, where anchors, such as Ms. Sataki, are punished for their personal political views in favor of more aggressive, pro-Iranian freedom news reporting, particularly during this critical period in Iranian history. Indeed, Congressional investigations are underway concerning PNNs news coverage on Iranian issues, where 69 House members (and influential U.S. Senators) recently wrote to President Obama asking him to look into anti-American and pro-Regime rhetoric being broadcast by PNN into Iran, at at time when the United States should be more supportive of the Iranian freedom movement. The Washington Times recently ran an editorial characterizing the current V0A as Voice of the Mullahs.

    As a result of the sexual harassment and severe agency retaliation, Ms. Sataki was rendered medically disabled and is currently convalescing in her native home of Los Angeles. Another international broadcaster who was also harassed is in fear of her livelihood for having come forward.

    Incredibly, after Larry Klayman and his law firm filed complaints on behalf of Ms Sataki against the sexual predator and the officials of VOA responsible for the alleged acts, the sexual predator was put on administrative leave with pay, while Ms. Sataki was not permitted a reasonable medical accommodation to work outside of the hostile workplace environment. To the contrary, Ms. Satakis pay has largely been witheld during her convalescence, curtailing even her ability to pay her doctors. And, the VOA Acting General Counsel, Paul Kollmer Dorsey, who himself is a defendant, even arranged for the sexual predator to be represented by the U.S. Justice Department outrageously at taxpayer expense obviously to control him so he could cover up the complicity of the higher ups in the workplace retaliation and other illegalities. This use of taxpayer monies in a private lawsuit rises to the level of criminal activity.

David Borgida, acting director of VOA Public Relations told POLITICO:

    We have a policy of zero tolerance for sexual harassment. The Broadcasting Board of Governors affirms its commitment to a strong Equal Employment Opportunity policy. We have numerous equal opportunity programs and training programs in place to ensure that our workplace is free of discrimination. We abide by a serious and well regarded process to carefully review any such accusations and, of course, individual personnel actions are not matter for public discussion. We don't comment on ongoing legal cases.

Who's Larry Klayman?The founder and former Chairman of Judicial Watch with a long history of filing lawsuits against the Clinton administration, so much so that he was dubbed by Huffington Post's Marcus Baram as "[t]he fastest trigger finger in D.C. when it comes to filing legal briefs."

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